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Limited Edition Orange Dreamsicle Frosty
Limited Edition Orange Dreamsicle Frosty
Taste it again … for the first time.

Bluetooth, off. Do not disturb, on. Hiding from your fam to enjoy our NEW Orange Dreamsicle Frosty — also on. This new Frosty of ours is thicker, creamier, and orange-ier. It takes you back to a simpler, slower time … to like right now. Right? Right. Try one today and turn your me-time into Frosty Time.

Cinnabon Pull-Aparts
Cinnabon Pull-Aparts
The Best Part … Is All The Parts.

Ya know what’s great about our NEW Cinnabon Pull-Apart? All of it. Warm cinnamon-sugar rolled dough. Ooey-gooey Cinnabon signature cream cheese frosting. That nostalgic mid-90s mall smell. They’re glorious bites of breakfast. So pull ‘em apart. Pair ‘em with hot or cold brew. And have a… party every morning.

Pretzel Baconator
Pretzel Baconator
6 bacon strips. 2 burger patties. 1 pretzel bun.

We’ve always told it like it is. So here’s the lowdown on our Pretzel Baconator®. In a word — amazeballs. The fresh, never frozen beef, the 6 strips of bacon, and that premium pretzel bun all come together for a next-level twist on a beloved classic.

Breakfast like a boss.

From the Breakfast Baconator™ to the Frosty®️-ccino®, Wendy’s breakfast is the best thing to happen to mornings since sleeping in.

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