International Growth

International growth


There are more than 6,800+ Wendy’s® restaurants currently in operation in the United States and 30 countries and U.S. territories worldwide. New market expansion and further development within existing markets will continue to be dominant drivers of Wendy’s worldwide strategy over the coming years. Ultimately, we believe that earnings generated from international markets will be a significant component of our ability to generate long-term value for our stockholders. With our superior-quality ingredients, unique menu offerings, contemporary restaurant designs and flexible approach to developing new markets, we believe that Wendy’s is meaningfully differentiated and well-positioned for future growth.


We take great pride in our business and realize that one of our greatest assets is our family of talented franchise operators. That’s why we are committed to providing new franchisees with the training and tools essential to successfully running a Wendy’s restaurant. With more than 40 years of international franchising experience, you will benefit from a first class support system and our proven operations platform.


We are excited for you to be a part of bringing Wendy’s high-quality products to new customers around the globe. When it comes to taking advantage of this opportunity, take a look at what some of our existing international franchisees have to say about their Wendy’s experience.


Are you ready for the challenge?  Please review our Qualifications & Process to see if Wendy’s is right for you.


Franchisee Testimonials

Christopher & Terry Tsavoussis

President / Vice President, Aetos Holdings Limited

Wendy's Bahamas


Owning and operating several of the busiest and most profitable restaurants in the Wendy’s system is a full-time job. We can always depend on the team of experienced industry professionals from Wendy’s International to support our efforts 100%. From ongoing employee training, to marketing, to evaluating business trends, it’s a two-way street involving implementation, feedback and tweaking. Together, we live up to our commitment to build the Wendy’s brand, increase profitability and deliver great customer value every single day.


In business we believe the adage that “people” are your greatest asset. It was on the premise of, “great people working together toward a common goal to accomplish great things,” that the Wendy’s dream has evolved. We are proud to be a part of the Wendy’s legacy, and grateful for the exceptional support, innovative ideas and expertise that have helped develop and shape our business.”



Jorge Colón Gerena

President and CEO, Wendco of Puerto Rico, Inc.

Wendy’s Puerto Rico


We have been associated with the Wendy’s brand as a franchisee for over thirty years. It has been a relationship that we would not change in any respect. The Wendy’s brand is one built around two key components: quality and great people.


Our customers have recognized Wendy’s as a quality product and we have been able to deliver superior service because of the support provided to us by the Wendy’s International team. We are associated with other brands, but without a doubt, none exceed Wendy’s level of support.



Qualifications and Process


Each year, Wendy‘s receives thousands of inquiries and applications for franchises, but only a select few are ultimately granted rights to develop Wendy’s restaurants. Opportunities for international franchise licenses are especially competitive. 


Wendy’s franchisees outside of the U.S. and Canada are multi-unit developers, with most operating under licenses to develop the full market or territories in which they operate.

While specific requirements will vary from country to country, at a minimum, qualified franchise candidates will typically have:

  • A passion for food and restaurant operations.
  • Comprehensive understanding of local culture, infrastructure, and how to do business in the market of interest.
  • Demonstrated business success with multi-unit restaurant, retail, or hospitality sector operations – previous franchising experience is a plus.
  • Sufficient liquid assets and capital to support the growth of a network of restaurants at a pace necessary to create a visible presence, support a sustained advertising program, and allow for economies of scale in the geographic area of interest. Capacity and willingness to develop whole territories is strongly preferred.
  • Access to and experience in developing real estate.
  • Existing business infrastructure to leverage in the operation and management of your network of Wendy’s restaurants.
  • Ability to commit to an aggressive store development schedule.


Meeting these baseline requirements does not guarantee franchise approval or that exclusive franchising rights will be granted.



We appreciate your interest in Wendy’s. As a prospective Wendy’s franchisee, you can expect to participate in a structured process designed to ensure that you are well-equipped to represent our brand, and have the knowledge and tools necessary to become a successful operator. For further information, email



International Franchising FAQs

Q:  Does Wendy’s offer single-unit Franchise opportunities?

A:  At this time, Wendy’s does not offer single-unit franchises outside of the US & Canada. We are seeking qualified investors capable of developing a substantial network of restaurants within their market of interest.

Q:  What is the minimum number of restaurants required to be developed in a given market?

A:  The minimum number of restaurants required for development depends on a variety of factors (e.g. size of territory, timeframe, etc.) and can be discussed during the initial interview.

Q:  Why is my market of interest unavailable for franchising even though there are no Wendy’s restaurants currently in operation?

A:  As Wendy’s is aggressively pursuing international growth, there are a number of new markets where development rights may have already been awarded to a Franchisee. In this case, future restaurants may be planned for development, and may already be under construction. Also, there may be markets in which, presently, Wendy’s has decided to, or is restricted from, including on the list of current development.  

Q:  What is the expected investment cost for a Wendy’s restaurant?

A:  Investment costs are influenced by many factors, not limited to:  building size, design features, cost of local materials & construction, permitting, etc. Typical costs for restaurants in your region can be discussed during the initial interview.  

Q:  What should I expect to pay for advertising and fees?

A:  In addition to a monthly marketing contribution, you will be expected to pay a one-time development fee for each unit and a monthly royalty (as a % of sales) to Wendy’s. These costs may vary based on your area of interest and can be discussed during the initial interview.

Q:  I am interested in partnering with Wendy’s to develop my market of interest.  Is this possible?

A:  While we assess each opportunity individually, our primary business model is to develop new markets through franchising.  

Q:  Does Wendy’s provide financing for international developers?

A:  Financing is not available directly through Wendy’s. However, we would be happy to provide you with a list of third-party lenders, who have expressed an interest in lending to Wendy’s franchisees.

Q:  What is the process for becoming a Wendy’s franchisee?

A:  For further information, email

Q:  How soon can I open my first Wendy’s restaurant?

A:  This depends on a variety of factors, such your experience in the market, access to quality real estate, product localization necessary, etc. Typically, it takes between 9-12 months to open Wendy’s in a new market once a development agreement has been signed.